Alabama student group hosting 'anti-hate speech' event Friday –

Alabama student group hosting 'anti-hate speech' event Friday –

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On the University of Alabama campus, LGBTQ+ students and allies will gather Friday, April 22, to make a stand against hate speech.
The event, run by the Queer Student Association, is in response to Auburn University student Jaden Heard hosting an event at the Student Center Monday where he displayed a sign stating “Hot take: no one is born gay.”
Students who witnessed the event said he was also saying generally hateful things about the LGBTQ+ community. 
“The University of Alabama has a responsibility to make campus safe for all students, and they failed on that responsibility,” said the QSA in a statement posted to Instagram. “UA administration needs to take action and condemn hate speech.” 
The event, titled Celebrating Queer Identities, will focus on uplifting the community and unifying together against hate speech, the organization says. It is set to feature educational handouts, music and general celebration. Additionally, the organization is encouraging not just students, but members of the larger community to attend and bring posters and pride flags.

“We’ve had community members reach out to us and tell us how excited they are about the event,” QSA president Jas Orr said. “We really want to make a statement: We are here, we are proud, and we don’t need to prove our identities to anyone.”

The event will be in the Student Center Plaza on campus from 2 to 5 p.m.
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