Marvel May Have Just Given Carnage an Unexpected New Host – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Marvel May Have Just Given Carnage an Unexpected New Host – CBR – Comic Book Resources

In a preview for Marvel’s Carnage #2 by Ram V and Francesco Manna, the alien symbiote formerly attached to Cletus Kasady potentially finds a new host.
The following contains spoilers for Carnage #2, on sale April 27 from Marvel.
A preview for Marvel's Carnage #2 shows that the alien symbiote may have picked a new human host after he and Cletus Kasady have parted ways.
Carnage #2 comes from writer Ram V, artist Francesco Manna, color artist Dijjo Lima and letter VC's Joe Sabino. In the preview provided by Marvel, Carnage has led 'the Artist' — a serial killer who hopes the symbiote will bond with him as it formerly did with Cletus — to a warehouse where he's captured Hydro-Man. Not only is Carnage holding the longtime Spider-Man villain there, but Carnage is also trying to execute a new form of bonding with Hydro-Man. "This piece that I have taken from Hydro-Man…his power that made him water…a universal medium…I imbibe it now, within myself," Carnage tells the Artist in the preview. "And in doing so, I too am changed. In taking a trophy, I too am transformed."
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Jon Shayde, a detective investigating the murder scenes left behind by the Artist, arrives on the scene as Carnage and the killer continue speaking. While Shayde makes a move for a gun, he's quickly pulled into Hydro-Man's body, which is absorbing all kinds of energy in light of the transformation it's undergoing. Instead of bonding with the Artist, the last page of the preview appears to show Carnage making Shayde his new host, as the symbiote begins wrapping itself around the detective's arms and legs. "Survive," Carnage says to Shayde. "Here…This should help you pull yourself together."
Whether or not Shayde remains as Carnage's host remains to be seen in Carnage #2. The synopsis for the issue reads, "FOR YEARS, the only host the dangerous CARNAGE symbiote knew was CLETUS KASADY. Sharing a bond unique even among symbiotes and their hosts, the two were the most notorious and prolific serial killers in the Marvel Universe. But after the events of EXTREME CARNAGE, Cletus’ codex has found a new home, leaving the Carnage symbiote adrift, alone… and deadlier than ever before!"
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In Carnage #1, Cletus is only seen in a flashback from when he's still bonded with Carnage. In the flashback, the two meet a child who wants them to break into a juvenile detention center to kill a group of bullies. Carnage agrees to do so; however, he brings the kid along with him and the plan falls to the wayside when the child decides at the last moment not to go through with it. Carnage/Cletus show a brief moment of hesitation before swinging away out of the detention center, somewhat confused by what they'd just witnessed.
Carnage #2 features cover art by Kendrick 'Kunkka' Lim and variant cover art by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Iban Coello, Jesus Aburtov, Kyle Hotz and Alex Gomes. The issue releases on April 27 from Marvel.
Source: Marvel
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