Worthington Dems to host auditor candidate Diana DiZoglio – GazetteNET

Worthington Dems to host auditor candidate Diana DiZoglio – GazetteNET

Diana DiZoglio will be speaking at Worthington’s Sundays with the Candidates event this Sunday at 2 p.m. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
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WORTHINGTON – Auditor candidate state Sen. Diana DiZoglio, D-Methuen, will be speaking at the Town Democratic Committee’s Sundays with the Candidates series this Sunday, as she campaigns on a platform of centering social justice and accountability in the office.
“I have a proven track record of standing up and speaking truth to power,” DiZoglio said.
The event will start at 2 p.m. and take place over Zoom. It is open to the public, regardless of residence, and those interested in receiving the link can email [email protected] with their name and town.
Another auditor candidate who is seeking the Democratic nomination, Chris Dempsey, was hosted by Sundays with the Candidates on April 24. The current auditor, Democrat Suzanne Bump, is not running for reelection.
DiZoglio said that all families deserve access to and accountability from state leaders regardless of bank balance, zip code or family background.
“The auditor is the state’s chief accountability officer,” DiZoglio said.
DiZoglio has a Social Justice and Equity Audit Plan which includes conducting audits to increase affordable housing, reporting on the equitable implementation of legalized marijuana, auditing state programs to assist minority businesses and looking into the Mass Save program to make sure it’s serving underserved communities and meeting climate goals.
Before being elected to the state Senate in 2018, DiZoglio served in the House for three terms as the state representative in the 14th Essex District. Prior to running for public office, she also served as a staffer on Beacon Hill. DiZoglio said that she’s become known in the Legislature for her work on transparency, accountability and equity related issues.
“I will audit and I will investigate the matters that I’ve been raising,” she said. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”
One of the areas that DiZgolio wants audited and investigated are the no bid, no RFP contracts for vaccine distributions that were handed out in the pandemic. Another is the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home tragedy. “The families of those who lost loved ones, they deserve truth and they deserve justice,” she said.
DiZoglio also wants to audit and investigate taxpayer funded non-disclosure agreements, which she said can conceal thigns such as corruption and racial discrimination.She signed such an agreement after being sexually harassed while working in the Legislature as a staffer, something she revealed after being elected to the House.
“Taxpayer dollars should not be going toward protecting perpetrators,” she said.
Another important issue for DiZoglio is regional equity, and she said that she wants to continue the work Bump has done on highlighting issues with broadband funding for western Massachusetts and with the state Payment In Lieu of Taxes program for state-owned lands.
“I want to continue to build upon that work,” said DiZoglio, speaking of the PILOT issue. “I think it’s very important for western Mass.”
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