Fundraiser held for radio host's wife – WBBJ TV – WBBJ-TV

Fundraiser held for radio host's wife – WBBJ TV – WBBJ-TV

JACKSON, Tenn. — Ready, set, eat!
Staff and management at News Talk 101.5 partnered with Darrell Hicks of Cajun Cookers for Swamp Stomp at the Farmers Market.
The wife of News Talk 101.5’s Brad McCoy was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and the event is to help with medical expenses.
Brad McCoy has been in the Humboldt and Jackson radio market for many years and is well-known.
Hicks started cooking around 7 a.m.
“This has been a journey for my wife and I since February when we first found out she had this cancer. We have certainly felt the love and the support from a lot of people that we don’t even know. They have just been fantastic with donations, and prayers, text and we do cover those prayers more than anything,” McCoy said.
The crawfish plate also included alligator.
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