10 cheap Minecraft server hosting websites in 2022 – Sportskeeda

10 cheap Minecraft server hosting websites in 2022 – Sportskeeda

Although Minecraft Realms is a great way to play multiplayer with friends, some players have more ambitious goals. Instead of hosting a server on their own hardware, players can host their server through various third-party hosting sites.
Many of the top server hosting sites not only accommodate Minecraft, but they provide excellent options for other games. These options tend to scale up based on the amount of money players are willing to commit to their payment plan, allocating more resources as they spend more.
However, there are tons of server hosts that offer incredibly affordable options for even larger Minecraft servers.
A dedicated hosting service for all things Minecraft, Minecraft Worlds provides five different payment plans beginning with the Walker tier (which is free) and the Dragon tier, costing $17.99 USD. Even the free tier offers two gigabytes of RAM, which is more than enough to facilitate a small number of players.
The best feature by far for this server-hosting service is its DDOS protection. This site includes one of the most comprehensive defense mechanisms for defending against Denial of Service attacks. It also provides a host of tools for administrators to tweak their servers to their liking.
A multi-game hosting service, MCProHosting ensures 99% guaranteed uptime and sports over 500,000 customers. It possesses servers on every major continent, ensuring players can reliably connect no matter where they find themselves.
Admins also receive daily server backups and unlimited storage. Its plans begin as low as $6 USD up to $33. The service even provides an “Iron Golem” plan that allows admins to pick and choose the features they need to save money.
One of the more diverse game hosting services in the industry, Server.pro may not have the flashiest administration dashboard, but it makes up for it with a host of excellent functions. This includes unlimited plugin capacity for paid plans, a dedicated IP address, DDOS protection, automated server backups, as well as a firewall and an intuitive plugin setup wizard.
Server.pro accommodates both Java and Bedrock Editions effortlessly, making it a solid and economical option for aspiring server admins.
A dedicated and diverse server host, Minecraft Hosting Pro is cheap and offers a highly-customizable server experience. With servers in the US, Europe, and Australia, players can connect easily.
This server host supports just about any plugin frontend an admin would like, including Spigot, Forge, Bukkit, Curse, Paper, and Feed the Beast. Vanilla servers also work effectively on this hosting site. The most expensive plan is only $22.50 USD, making it a great provider for its price.
ServerMiner offers enterprise-level hardware at an affordable price. This hosting service ensures that players will have plenty of opportunities to recover any lost files or progress with seven-day restorations and instantaneous rollback for server files, mods, and plugins. Its plugin installer can apply plugins with a single click, allowing admins to focus on other priorities.
Updating the server’s game version is just as easy as using plugins, making ServerMiner one of the more convenient hosting options available.
Nodecraft is a great option for players that would like to host a modded server. It sports high-performance hardware and an immense server-switching mechanic that allows admins to handle up to 28 different servers at will. The control panel is also well-optimized, including the ability to operate on mobile platforms with no loss of performance.
Players on Linux OS can even get in on the action with Nodecraft as it extensively supports all operating systems.
A server host dating back to 2013, GGServers provides all the tools an aspiring server admin might need. It features some of the highest-end hardware available, with affordable pricing ranging from $3 USD per month to $96 for a staggering 32 gigabytes of dedicated RAM. Servers activate in seconds, and GGServers has a 24/7 support staff to help admins with any issues they may have.
Whether players are hosting Java or Bedrock, they can find a home with GGServers.
A multi-faceted server host for Minecraft and games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Project Zomboid, ScalaCube has one of the best free server options available.
Players who host with the site’s free option receive six gigabytes of RAM for their server, which is three times as much as what is offered by many other sites. It features one-click installation of over 1,000 modpacks and plugins and also facilitates Apache web server and MYSQL database support where needed.
This site also provides paid tiers, but players who wish to host smaller servers can get by perfectly fine with its free option.
Players have likely seen more than a few Shockbyte ads in their time, which is certainly for a reason. This server host is one of the most successful of all time. With its most expensive plan only amounting to $22.50 per month, admins can host their server quickly and easily without breaking the bank. It offers custom JAR file support, a vast bevy of modpacks, and can even allow admins to schedule tasks ahead of time.
Shockbyte also fully supports all versions of the game, ensuring admins can host from any platform as required.
A one-stop server hosting shop with plans starting as low as $10 USD per month, Apex Hosting is the golden standard for game hosts.
Players and admins can enjoy super-low latency, free server transfers, one-click installations, Java/Bedrock functionality, and more. The site also provides a collection of tutorials to help admins figure out the best way to set up their server. Even if an admin has no previous server management experience, Apex Hosting gives them all the tools and assistance they need to host the server of their dreams.
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