Buzzy Cohen Hosting 'Jeopardy!'? Fans Think He Confirmed His Return to Quiz Show –

Buzzy Cohen Hosting 'Jeopardy!'? Fans Think He Confirmed His Return to Quiz Show –

By Michael Hein – June 24, 2022 02:09 pm EDT
Is Buzzy Cohen returning to host Jeopardy!? Fans of the quiz show suspect that he may be making a return soon. Cohen was one of the popular guest hosts last season and is a former champion of the quiz show himself. After he made a few cryptic remarks about Jeopardy! on social media, fans are hoping he will be back soon.
Jeopardy! has been hosted by actress Mayim Bialik and former champion Ken Jennings so far this season. There’s a new edition of Celebrity Jeopardy! coming up soon, and most fans assumed that Bialik would be the host. However, last week Cohen posted a GIF that raised some eyebrows. When a blogger tweeted speculation about the Celebrity Jeopardy! host, Cohen responded with an image of Yoda in Star Wars: Episode V, saying: “No, there is another.”
In another tweet last week, Cohen thanked the “camera guys on [as yet unannounced project]” for recommending a coffee brand to him, further hinting that he has a TV project in the works. Fans were quick to assume it had something to do with Jeopardy!
So far, nothing has been confirmed — but that means nothing has been disproved either. Here’s a look at the fan response to the idea of Cohen returning to Jeopardy! or Celebrity Jeopardy!
#HatersGonnaHate, but Buzzy’s Gonna Buzz. #JEOPARDY
Fans appreciated Cohen for being himself and staying out of the drama that has plagued the game show since Alex Trebek passed away. Many felt like he had maintained credibility this way.
Ooooo.. I liked Buzzy when he hosted.
I especially liked those Harold Lloyd glasses!
He would make a good Jeopardy! host.
Fans looked back on Cohen’s time as Jeopardy! co-host now in the context of the guest-hosted season, remembering him fondly.
Hiring ⁦@buzztronics⁩ is the right move, ⁦@Jeopardy. Love ⁦@KenJennings as interim, but Buzzy all the way. ⁩
Many fans made their appeal directly to the Jeopardy! accounts on social media. They shared their two cents with producers for whatever it’s worth.
Buzzy Cohen Taking Over Jeopardy As New Host?
I’ll Be Happy With Either Buzzy Cohen Or Ken Jennings. The Other Two Not At All!
Many fans on social media said that Cohen was among their top picks for Jeopardy! host. He generally shared that favor with Ken Jennings.
Cohen’s Star Wars GIF was so straightforward that some fans took it for an outright announcement. However, it still left questions about who the permanent host of the regular syndicated Jeopardy! series would be.
Buzzy’s Buzzin’
a lot to unpack here
The fact that Cohen has unnamed TV projects in the works was enough to get many fans in a speculative mood. Even if it’s not Jeopardy!, his followers will likely tune in to see what he’s up to.
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