German host cancelled the accommodation reserved by Hungarians because of Orbán's speech –

German host cancelled the accommodation reserved by Hungarians because of Orbán's speech –

A Hungarian group reserved accommodation in Germany on However, they received a message from the German host informing them that he did not wish to receive guests from Hungary after the Hungarian Prime Minister’s recent statements. 
G., a young family man from Transdanubia who works at a multi-company, is passionate about rock climbing. He and his friends were preparing for a climbing trip in Germany in mid-August, for which they booked two accommodations well in advance on – reports They did not only book in advance because of the better price but also because they planned to take two dogs.
However, right before the planned trip, the Hungarian man received an unexpected surprise. The German accommodation provider wrote a rather unpleasant message: “Dear Sir or Madam, after the recent statements of the Hungarian Prime Minister, I do not wish to receive guests from Hungary. That is why I am asking you to cancel your reservation.” The message probably refers to Viktor Orbán’s latest speech about how Hungarians do not want to become a mixed race.
Although they were strongly advised so, the Hungarians did not cancel the accommodation – at least not yet. They wrote to on Wednesday and told the host that they would not cancel their reservation under any circumstances. Now they could only rent a similar accommodation for three times as much as originally.  This means that they might have to pay more than EUR 1,000 for the new accommodation.
When asked about his opinion about the issue, the man said: “My opinion does not matter, but Orbán should not say such things as a responsible leader. And the host’s reaction is outrageous and discriminative.” The man says he was willing to discuss the matter because he would be happy if they came to some sort of resolution. “And we [Hungarians] should do something. They are slowly kicking us out of the union.” – he added.
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