Lightning Fast Cloud Hosting @$0.99 for 6 months: Hostkicker – The Tribune India

Lightning Fast Cloud Hosting @$0.99 for 6 months: Hostkicker – The Tribune India

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Updated At: Jul 28, 2022 02:18 PM (IST)

Everyone has to start somewhere!
If you’ve thought to yourself, “It’s about time I start taking care of my Online presence,” well, you’re not the only one! But the determination to come out of the dark and taking one’s online presence seriously can be challenging. Whether you’re a blogger, run a website or manage an online store, none of it comes easy. Remind yourself that everyone has to start from somewhere, and your beginning today means a STRONGER YOU tomorrow.
Introducing-HOSTKICKER. It is a webhosting company designed and determined to help in establishing new websites as well as rediscover and help pre-existing websites to rise out of the ashes – Like a Phoenix!
Hostkicker acts as a digital umbrella that encompasses a Plethora of FREE attributes that any website will EVER need.
There are many Web hosting services in the market that attracts customers with features presented in a twisted manner along with numerous hidden costs. Many newcomers get trapped in their hooks, and their website suffers from high cost, narrow Bandwidth, slow server speeds, time lag, limited range of features, and much more.
Contrary to this, Hostkicker gives you full transparency with every single feature, whether it is Hosting plans, support, pricing, hardware or additional features.
First and foremost, Hostkicker is offering almost for FREE web hosting for SIX MONTHS, only $0.99. Yes, a great thing to start with. This brings a couple of benefits for you. First, you can tie up with Hostkicker to test their performance for almost nothing. Second, you can save your expenses for a considerable period of time of six months, that’s half a year- Isn’t that a bit too much? And next, you can enjoy numerous premium features for free to give boost to your website. Isn’t that amazing?
Hostkicker possesses a variety of hosting plans that anyone can choose from, as per their affordability and business requirements. They offer shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud VPS hosting. Unlike any other hosting service, they offer unlimited Bandwidth, amazing disk space, the industry’s best cPanel, unlimited websites, a lite speed web server and much more than what meets the eye.
The merit of Hostkicker over other hosting providers is that every hosting plan is SCALABLE. You can upgrade or scale down your hosting plan in accordance with the NEED OF THE HOUR.
Moreover, along with premium hosting, Hostkicker comes with Domain registration feature. You can hand pick a domain name as per your preference and register with Hostkicker. Additionally, it allows you to transfer your existing Domain name to Hostkicker. This will help you enjoy the entire service from a single but proficient host-Hostkicker.
Another vital feature of Hostkicker that will promote your website’s live presence would be, its server locations. Hostkicker’s TIER 4 Data Centers are located at 11 different geographical locations with 2750+ servers across five contents from the U.S to Europe to Asia. Are you pondering how this makes a difference?
Server locations are vital for providing steady and uninterrupted speeds for data transfer. Narrow server locations can affect the pace of data transfer at more outlying zones that impact your website’s traffic.
For example- if your website’s targeted audience resides in the U.S. and your web hosting servers are based in Asia, the data transfer speed in the U.S. might be slower than within Asia. In the long term, this may impact your website’s performance and user experience, and you would most certainly lose traffic.
For this reason, you must consider your host’s server location before signing up with them.
Furthermore, Hostkicker is showering plenty of prominent features on its clients for FREE.
If you need assistance regarding your domain registration, plan selection, or any other Hostkicker’s service, you can connect to Hostkicker’s premium support 24/7/365 for FREE. They will suggest the best as per your business needs, ensuring you enjoy the best service.
In the event of any glitch, whether big or small, you can reach Hostkicker premium support at any time of the day or night. You can live chat with them and they will get to the bottom of the issue and fix it for you straight away.
Moreover, Hostkicker provides the leading, field-proven control panel to the customers. They can Access Softaculous for auto-installation and Jetbackup for… yes, you got it right, for backups.
In addition to this, Hostkicker’s dedicated and VPS hosting members can access the Webhost Manager tool that allows them to manage the back-end of multiple cPanel accounts FREE of cost.
Moving on to the web tools you will require for successful website creation and establishment. Unlike any other web hosting provider, Hostkicker is optimized for 32+ web tools and apps, including WordPress, Joomla, Dolphin, Laravel, Opencart, phpBB, WHMCS and numerous others. The great thing is that you don’t need to follow a step-wise process to install them, similar to other Hosting services. You can install them with a single click. It’s as simple as we say. Just hover your mouse over the tool or app and click to install. All set. But the FREEBIES do not end here. There are many more in line.
Now comes the Backup feature. Although other hosting providers support this feature, Hostkicker is a level up in its backup functionality. To ensure your data security two folds, Hostkicker backs up your daily data twice every day.
So, your data is extra secure with Hostkicker.
Besides this, like others, Hostkicker gives SSL certificates for your website. So how is it different from the rest?
It is, for sure. You can get UNLIMITED and FREE SSL certificates for every domain and subdomain without any hassle.
Furthermore, Other hosting providers are charging a considerable amount for website migrations. With Hostkicker, you can translocate UNLIMITED websites from your previous hosting provider to Hostkicker without spending a single extra penny.
In addition, you can get Free Unlimited Business Emails if you sign up with Hostkicker. This feature is NOT provided by any other Hosting provider in the market. You can employ these business emails for your enterprise and expand your domain branding.
Last, but not the least, Hostkicker has launched a NEVER SEEN BEFORE feature- Advice On Click. It is a fresh and potent creation for Push Notification Marketing. Hostkicker is offering this latest and premium AdviceOnClick tool to its clients at zero cost.
You can use this tool to send upcoming schemes, plans and benefits to your customers. This will help you maintain website traffic, hold your clients and compel more traffic to your website.
This is more like a communication channel which is FOREVER FREE, ADS FREE and is optimized for all devices. Wow!
You can test the efficiency of Hostkicker as mentioned here, give a boost to your website by fixing the blotches, raise its online presence as well as save your expenses as it is almost FREE for SIX MONTHS. A forever point to remember.
Around 1100+ satisfied Clients and more than 1500+ active websites are enjoying Hostkicker’s service at present. Hostkicker aims to help and assist the Online Community in enhancing their website’s online presence.
Changes bring opportunity and opportunity creates history.
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