‘That woman apologizing, paying for, and taking on the shame’: Airbnb host says guest checked out 4 hours into stay after her husband broke door – The Daily Dot

‘That woman apologizing, paying for, and taking on the shame’: Airbnb host says guest checked out 4 hours into stay after her husband broke door – The Daily Dot

Tricia Crimmins
Posted on Jul 27, 2022
Airbnb hosts say that one of their guests checked out of their apartment after being there for only four hours. The guest told the hosts her husband broke the bathroom door by kicking it open.
Tony and Sara Robinson (@therealestaterobinsons), real estate agents who make TikToks and YouTube videos about their work, posted a TikTok on July 26 sharing that a guest checked out of their apartment four hours after arriving because her husband damaged it.
The Robinsons show messages that the guest sent saying her husband broke the bathroom door by kicking it, apologizing, and offering to cover any costs to fix it. Photos of the door show three large holes in it. The TikTokers also show that a framed art piece was damaged, as was their glass table.
The guest told the Robinsons that she was “alright” after they checked in on her, and said that she and her husband “left in a hurry.”
The TikTokers captioned their video with a broken heart and called it a “heated fight.” On Wednesday, the Robinsons’ video had almost 4 million views.
Commenters on the Robinsons’ video discussed the possibility that domestic violence might have occurred in the apartment.
“That woman apologizing, paying for, and taking on the shame of her abuser,” @sexmountain commented.
“If he’s willing to do that in a strangers home with no fear imagine what he does to that woman in her own home,” @mkarchy wrote.
“A cry for help,” @slimmcx commented.
Others advised the Robinsons on next steps.
“Tell her you need to call her to discuss repairs, and see if she needs help,” @emhylt0n wrote.
“I would have a hard time not calling the police,” @rental.cashflow commented.
“Offer her a place to stay!” @thatrockinmama commented. “Looks like she’s going through enough!”
Some doubled down on the recommendation that the Robinsons allow the woman to stay in their Airbnb, and others offered to fund her stay.
“You should offer her a place to stay, away from him, since you have an extra,” @guycharmandier wrote.
“I hope you are able to connect with this woman more. It looks like there are many of us who would fund an extended airbnb stay for her to get out,” @leah__christine commented.
In 2020, Airbnb partnered with organizations that offer housing and resources to survivors of domestic abuse in New York City and Ireland.
“We understand that providing housing solutions is a crucial element of both breaking the cycle of gender-based violence and of a survivor’s healing process,” Airbnb said in an announcement of it’s partnership in New York.
The Daily Dot reached out to Sara Robinson via Instagram direct message and to Airbnb through email.
If you are a victim of domestic abuse or want more information on domestic violence and resources for victims, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotlineonline or at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
Tricia Crimmins is the IRL staff writer at the Daily Dot. She is also a New York-based comedian studying at Columbia Journalism School. Previously, she has written for Mashable, Complex Networks, and Moment magazine. She can be found on Twitter at @TriciaCrimmins.
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