Post Malone is hosting a $100k game of Magic: The Gathering – Dexerto

Post Malone is hosting a $100k game of Magic: The Gathering – Dexerto

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Artist Post Malone is issuing a challenge to interested parties: $100,000 for one game of Magic.
In addition to being an acclaimed rapper and songwriter, Post Malone has something of a reputation as being a nerd and gamer.
He has famously posted clips of playing shooters like Apex Legends, even playing with the likes of aceu and xQc.
He’s managed to combine that love of gaming and music, and has even waxed poetic about some of the best video game soundtracks of all time.
But it’s not just video games; Post Malone has also been an avid fan of trading card games like Pokemon, even getting his own card.
And Post Malone seems all-too willing to throw down his skill at TCGs in the latest challenge.
According to a report by Business Wire, Post Malone and Whatnot are issuing a challenge to all would-be Magic: The Gathering fanatics out there: to challenge the singer for $100,000.
Malone will choose one challenger from those who enter the contest, who will have the honor to play in this match. The match will be livestreamed for all to see on August 11.
Post Malone said “I absolutely love Magic: The Gathering and I can’t wait to…battle it out with the winner.”
Even though the challenger may have expert Reid Duke to help train them, Post Malone is sure to be no slouch. He has famously paid over $800,000 for an artist proof Black Lotus, one of the most valuable MTG cards in existence.
The lucky challenger, whoever they may be, needs to bring their strongest deck for a chance to win that $100k.


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