The View host Joy Behar is abruptly CUT OFF mid-sentence as live show suddenly goes to commercial… – The US Sun

The View host Joy Behar is abruptly CUT OFF mid-sentence as live show suddenly goes to commercial… – The US Sun

THE View has shocked viewers after abruptly cutting off host Joy Behar mid-sentence during Thursday’s live broadcast.
The show has had to suddenly move to commercial breaks for various reasons in the past, and the program was forced to do the same in the latest episodes.
All week, the hosts have been giving their book recommendations to viewers, with each cast member getting her own turn each day at the end of the broadcast.
Joy’s turn arrived during Thursday’s show, but she got cut off before she could finish everything she had to say.
As the Ladies Get Lit segment comes at the very end of the episode, the 79-year-old ran out of time and was abruptly cut off.
She started off by recommending Mark Seal’s book Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli, which is all about the making of 1972’s The Godfather.
After gushing over her first book, Joy then suggested Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, a memoir by psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb.
Soon, though, the host started to run out of time, despite still having more information to share with everyone.
The View began playing wrap-up music to let her know that the show needed to end soon, just as often is done on award shows during long speeches.
Luckily, she was able to speed through the rest of what she had to share on her own recommendations, but she still had other information to share with the audience.
Joy ended up getting cut-off mid-sentence as she tried to share with viewers how they could win all of the hosts’ book recommendations from the week.
The show panned away from her as she was still speaking, until it cut her off altogether as The View ended and ABC switched to commercial break before the next program began.
Earlier this week, Joy was not cut off during while playing an on-air game with her co-hosts, as well as with guest Michael Strahan, and fans got to see all of her confusing behavior.
Viewers were shocked as they saw her looking less than impressed during what was supposed to be a friendly game.
The comedian made dirty remarks and even poked her tongue out during the $100,000 Pyramid activity.
In the first round, she had to give her partner Sara some clues about "summer fun in the sun" by describing words without saying them and her partner had to guess the answer.
They did pretty well, but Sara couldn't quite guess "sunblock," instead saying either "suntan lotion" or "sunscreen."
Joy later argued they should have got a point even though she didn't say sunblock, but other words similar.
"You know, that's the difference between playing and hosting, you don't get to choose," guest Michael sternly told her.
An annoyed Joy, poked her tongue out at the fill-in host.
But Joy eventually cheered up when she and Sara were announced winners.
Though, she did demand to know what prize they'd won, to which Whoopi insisted that there was no prize.
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