The View’s Joy Behar shocks co-host Sara Haines with story of her ‘ILLEGAL’ activities during candid convo… – The US Sun

The View’s Joy Behar shocks co-host Sara Haines with story of her ‘ILLEGAL’ activities during candid convo… – The US Sun

THE View's Joy Behar has shocked her co-host Sara Haines with a true story of her "illegal" activities during a candid conversation live on the air.
The discussion kicked off when Sara, 44, described "a scary thing" that happened to her on The View.
The ABC star revealed how her son Alec, six, played a prank on her, claiming to her: "I think I saw someone upstairs, momma!"
Sara nervously said: "I am the adult! What do I do?"
However, Alec then said: "Just kidding!"
This led Whoopi Goldberg, 66, to mention it would be scarier if someone was "living inside the walls" and "peaking."
However, Joy, 69, then argued how "things are safer than before," she also recounted a frightening tale about driving alone- adding she's been behind the wheel "since I was 13."
"That's illegal!" Sara quickly interjected, getting no reaction from Joy in an awkward moment on live TV.
Joy then continued to explained that because her car would usually break down, she was afraid that someone would follow her.
She then revealed she would dress up a "giant bowling pin" so that she could pretend "someone was in the car" with her.
Sara joked: "A pin husband!" at first, but turned serious, as Joy continued her tale.
Drivers putting mannequins in the passenger seat is also considered illegal.
Joy also admitted she was fixated on Truman Capote's nonfiction book, In Cold Blood, because she was "so scared" being by herself in the house.   
Sara seemed worried as Joy confessed: "That's what I did."
The discussion about staying safe amid phobias came after Joy and Sunny Hostin, 53, slammed Alyssa Farah Griffin, 33, during a recent installment.
The women of The View were in a heated discussion about Will Smith’s new apology video to Chris Rock over the infamous slap.
Alyssa said she “would’ve liked” to have seen Will sit down with someone for an interview.
The guest host thew out the name Oprah's Winfrey name as a suggestion, rather than suggesting the talk show she was currently speaking on.
Alyssa said: "Sit down with Oprah. She’ll challenge you.”
Joy fired back at Alyssa and suggested: “Or come here.”
Sunny agreed and mentioned Will should "come here” to their talk show.
Realizing her mistake, Alyssa appeared uncomfortable as she laughed and agreed that Will should come on the show.
Guest host Ana Navarro, 50, doubled down on Alyssa's blunder and asked: "Why give the booking to Oprah?”
Alyssa attempted to laugh off the on-air blunder and apologized once more: “Right? Sorry!”
Alyssa's blunder came as insiders close to the show told Daily Mail that her alleged new position as co-host will be announced soon.
One source told the publication: "My jaw dropped when I was told that she was the pick. It makes no sense."
Another insider claimed: "Her soon-to-be co-hosts are very upset. They feel she isn’t authentic and changes her opinions based on who her paymaster is."
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