Today host Hoda Kotb fights back tears during sweet moment on live TV… – The US Sun

Today host Hoda Kotb fights back tears during sweet moment on live TV… – The US Sun

THE TODAY Show host Hoda Kotb held back her tears on live TV on Wednesday.
She hugged a fan in the audience after he told her she was his inspiration.
All of the co-hosts stood outside during a segment of the morning show.
Craig Melvin delivered a memorable crowd moment as he looked for a fan in the audience.
"I'm looking for Nolan. Nolan. Nolan. There's Nolan. How are you sir?" he asked the fan.
"Doing great. How are you?" Nolan asked, with a big smile on his face.
"I'm doing good," Craig said. "You're a student I hear."
"I am. I go to Baylor University," Nolan confirmed.
"What year are you?" the co-host asked.
"I'm a junior at Baylor and I'm studying journalism," the college student said proudly.
"You're studying journalism?" The TODAY Show co-host asked.
Nolan nodded as Craig continued: "I hear one of the reasons you're studying journalism is because of someone on here. Is that right?"
"Yes sir. I wrote into Hoda and Hoda inspired me to become a journalist and that's why I'm pursuing my career," Nolan told him.
As soon as the words left his mouth, the camera panned to Hoda, who was already fighting back her tears.
Her co-hosts had shocked expressions on their faces as she walked toward the audience member.
"You wrote her ten years ago right?" Craig asked.
"I did," Nolan confirmed. "You were gracious enough to write back and I was like 'Oh my God. Hoda wrote back.'"
Hoda moved her hair out of her face as she stood there crying.
"She always writes back," Craig mentioned.
"Yeah. I was so happy. I was like 'Hoda, my favorite, so," Nolan said.
He reached in for a hug from Hoda, who was very emotional.
When she pulled back, she said: "I think we need to pull up one extra chair at the table."
All of her co-hosts agreed as she said: "We'll keep our eye on you, ok?"
"What a sweet kid. Oh, thank you," Hoda said as she walked back to her co-hosts.
Fans took the comments of the video posted on Twitter to express how inspiring she is and how sweet the moment was.
Nolan, who had the memorable moment on air, wrote: "Thanks for the amazing experience @TODAYshow. It was a true honor to meet @hodakotb."
"Hoda always writes back," one fan wrote.
A third said: "Way to go @hodakotb you inspired a huge supporter of you!"
"I am crying too. I would love to know what Ms. Kotb wrote. Ms. Kotb is perfect. Responds to all correspondences. She does everything right. Once I wrote Matt [Lauer] but he never wrote me back," said another.
"So inspiring to be inspiring!" wrote one Twitter user.
Another TODAY Show watcher tweeted: "This is beautiful. Hoda is always inspiring. This is beautiful."
One last fan wrote: "Hoda Kotb an icon, and a Leader to so many."
This sweet moment comes days after reports of Hoda and Savannah Guthrie not getting along.
A source close to production on the Today Show exclusively told The Sun that despite their sunny dispositions towards each other on-screen, behind the scenes the woman secretly "can't stand each other." 
"Savannah is the boss. After Matt Lauer was ousted, Savannah grabbed power, and she really wanted Willy Geist in Hoda's role, but his ratings were just not up to par for the network." 
"Hoda out maneuvered Savannah and got the spot." 
Beyond that, the source added that Savannah "thinks of herself as a real news person," while Hoda is seen as "the lightweight that drank wine with Kathy Lee Gifford." 
"Savannah was the White House correspondent before getting the host job, which also explains her love for Jenna since her father was president."
Jenna Bush Hager's father is George W. Bush.
While Jenna is Hoda's co-host, the insider said she plays both sides between the women. 
"Jenna and Savannah are the best of friends, and they ice Hoda out.
"Jenna landed the best job on TV with zero experience- no one works people better than Jenna.
"She’s a master at playing the game," the insider added. 
Hoda recently revealed to Good Housekeeping that she is in constant fear of being fired because of Savannah.
She admitted that she worried about keeping her composure following a commercial break as her co-host reportedly has her in hysterics.
The 57-year-old told the publication: "I live in fear of being fired in a moment because she’s like ‘Hoda, zip it’ and they [the producers] are like ‘Three, two one’, and she’s calm!”
The TODAY Show host said she feels like Savannah is “secretly, nasty funny”.
Hoda also revealed that her co-star is "crystal clear" when she asks her questions about parenting.
The pair have been co-hosting the NBC morning show since 2017.
The TODAY Show airs every morning starting at 7 am on NBC.
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