The View guest jokingly calls host Sunny Hostin a ‘pervert’ during awkward live TV moment… – The US Sun

The View guest jokingly calls host Sunny Hostin a ‘pervert’ during awkward live TV moment… – The US Sun

THE View guest Jameela Jamil has jokingly called out host Sunny Hostin during an awkward live TV moment on Wednesday.
The actress, 36, has teasingly labeled the talk show personality as a “pervert” after the 53-year-old has a little on-air flub.
Jameela appeared as a guest on The View on Wednesday to promote her new Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
The Good Place alum stars as Mary MacPherran, aka Titania, and Sunny had a bit of trouble saying the character’s name.
The mispronunciation led to a hilarious moment that had the other co-hosts cracking up.
Scheduled to ask the first question for the guest, Sunny began: “As we just saw in the clip, you came to kick some, you know, some butt in Marvel’s new She-Hulk series, but it’s not as easy as it seems, right?”
So far, so good, but then the host brought up Jameela’s character, saying: “Because you’re playing Titiana? Titania?”
She made sure to put the emphasis on the first three letters, instead of reading the correct name with the pronunciation of tie-tay-nia, as if it’s almost the word “titanium.”
Jameela jokingly got angry at this as she noted that it happens all the time because of her figure.
Turning toward Sunny, she sarcastically remarked: “Because of my boobs, everyone always calls her that. It’s Titania, you pervert!”
Sunny only gave a small smile as she tried to finally get the name right and get out the rest of her question.
The rest of the hosts, though, all cracked up over Jameela’s humorous response to the 53-year-old’s mispronunciation of her character’s name.
After Sunny finished her question about the actress loves most about playing her character, the Marvel star gave a more serious answer.
She shared: “I love that she’s the bad guy. For so many reasons. First of all, women get so demonized and villainized anyway, it’s nice to just come out the gate, straight away, a bad person. 
“But it’s also so liberating. I love to see a South Asian play the bad guy, when they’re not a terrorist.
“It was just such a joy, and I got to do my own stunts. I got to learn how to fight, like really fight.”
Fans gushed on social media about how much they loved Jameela as a guest and about wanting to see her back on the show and in other projects.
One viewer wrote: “I LOVE her personality & perspectives. 
“Let me go find who she is and follow her now! Def needs to be a guest co-host in the future.”
A second tweeted: “Jameela gets it!!!! Let me go watch She-Hulk.”
A third fan said: “This young lady is refreshing!”
She-Hulk premiered on August 18 on Disney+, and new episodes of the show drop on the streaming service every Thursday.
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