College football analysts take down HBO host’s Auburn football slander – Fly War Eagle

College football analysts take down HBO host’s Auburn football slander – Fly War Eagle

Several analysts plugged into college football took down Bomani Jones’ random attacks on the Auburn football program on October 10 Mandatory Credit: Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football catches enough strays on the gridiron week in and week out these days, so there was no need for a longtime ESPN host known for covering other sports far more extensively than college football to chime in on the matter.
It’s one thing for those on the Plains, the surrounding states, or anywhere where those who bleed orange and blue reside to speak down on the lack of success the Tigers’ have experienced. It’s another for a national media talking head to do the same.
Yet there the Tigers were on Monday, October 10, getting called out for being a dead-end program that no coach worth a damn should ever consider by HBO’s Game Theory host and former Highly Questionable panelist Bomani Jones.
Here is a sampling of some of his attacks on the Auburn football program:
i mean, someone will take that job, but you’d be a fool to take that job.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

i’m not sure why you think that job is good. only guarantee is they’ll run your ass outta there in embarrassing fashion.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

what’s even good about the auburn job, in theory? at best, the fourth best job in the sec west. there’s a high ceiling. but the floor? it’s bottomless.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

now tell me how it ended for all of them.
and worst case scenario is getting paid not to coach after pulling your hair out and being undercut the first moment you start to wobble.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

i’m very critical of the aTm job, but i think you have a better chance at sustained success there than auburn.
that said, that aTm job gets a lot worse the second texas joins the sec.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

if you think auburn is a good one, i can assume you don’t read much.
also keep in mind gus was their most consistent coach since dye, went 3-5 vs saban and they still paid him a jillion dollars to kick rocks.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

you’ve never heard me say the bama job was a great one. it’s been great for two people the last 70 years. it’s bout destroyed everyone else who took it.
and with that said, it’s a better job than auburn.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

your boosters make the job bad. and all this “chance to compete at the highest level” is really “sun might shine on a dog’s ass once every decade or so,” and it’s often contingent on bama being down.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

what’s going on at auburn that hasn’t gone on for 30 years? serious question. somehow in the last two years, auburn became a bastion of institutional stability? seriously?
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

nah, every booster class has its own quirks and wrinkles. some are more dysfunctional than others. auburn’s is more dysfunctional than most. i had no idea anyone would try to argue against this.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

i’ve never been as bad at anything as auburn was at football in 2012.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

this all reminds me of the time i did a talk at auburn in 2012. i tried to make a joke about the season.
twas no laughing matter, guys. not. at. all.
— bomani (@bomani_jones) October 10, 2022

Things got way uglier than they needed to get on social media, with Bomani Jones seemingly baiting the Auburn football fanbase and some taking it and blowing it far out of proportion. Truthfully, the program does have
— Justin Lee (@ByJustinLee) October 10, 2022

2010: Auburn went 14-0 and won national championship
2010: Alabama went 10-3
2013: Auburn went 12-2 and went to the national title game
2013: Alabama went 11-2
2017: Auburn won the SEC West
2017: Alabama won the national championship
This narrative is, in fact, false.
— Barrett Sallee 🇺🇸 (@BarrettSallee) October 10, 2022

Auburn football will unfortunately have national media figures commenting on their comings and goings for the rest of the season. Get used to this, Tiger fans.
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