The View host Whoopi Goldberg continuously curses during heated exchange on live TV… – The US Sun

The View host Whoopi Goldberg continuously curses during heated exchange on live TV… – The US Sun

THE View host Whoopi Goldberg has been unable to contain her anger during the latest episode of the talk show.
The 66-year-old has cursed repeatedly on live TV during a heated discussion on Monday’s broadcast.
Over the weekend, comedian Ariel Elias made the news after a clip of an angry audience member throwing a beer at her on stage, narrowly missing her head, went viral.
The heckler ran out after the incident, while Ariel did her best to continue on with her show, quickly picking up the beer and chugging it.
Whoopi played the clip during Monday’s episode of The View, and, as a comedian herself, became furious over what she witnessed.
The Sister Act star blasted the rude audience member and others like him, getting so worked up that she cursed multiple times.
At one point, she got bleeped as she slammed: “That s**t is not funny! When you’re trying to make your living. 
“And if you go to see somebody, and you don’t like their jokes, get up and leave. 
“You don’t have to throw stuff! I hope they find y’all. 
“I hope they find y’all, and you’re prosecuted for assault. That’s what my hope is.”
To close out the topic a few minutes later, Whoopi, appearing even more furious, added: “This is what comics are facing. 
“If you don’t like a comedian, don’t go to their show. 
“Don’t ask them stupid questions, and when they answer you, you then got something else to say, and then you throw a beer.”
Producers then had to bleep her out once again, as she appeared to say: “‘Cause that’s a punk-a** move.”
Whoopi's passionate speech is a change of pace from the type of on-air behavior fans have been seeing from her lately.
Last week, viewers called the moderator out multiple times for appearing checked out and bored during the show.
During Friday's show, Whoopi even admitted to viewers that she had “nothing to say," despite her co-hosts debating a topic right next to her at the table.
While she introduced a topic taken from social media, which involved exes going on a trip together, fans noticed she immediately sounded like she didn’t care about it at all.
At the end of the intro, the moderator even begrudgingly told her co-hosts: “I guess I’m supposed to ask y’all [if you like this idea].”
The View fans called out the moderator for “sounding like that” while getting paid to do this job.
One social media user pointed out: “Whoopi clearly doesn't care about this new social media segment.”
Another agreed, saying she doesn’t seem to “give a f**k” about it.
As the discussion progressed, Whoopi stayed silent on the matter, only once in a while being shown making a face of boredom.
“Of course Whoopi has that look,” one viewer wrote, “but at least the camera didn't really pan up close to her (but they showed that panoramic shot.”
Earlier in the week, while bringing up Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen’s reported marital struggles, the 66-year-old couldn’t help but giggle and make light of it.
As her co-hosts shared their opinions over the rift between the power couple, Whoopi appeared disinterested as she kept quiet and looked elsewhere.
Eventually, she just started swinging her feet and rested her head on her hands, appearing ready for a topic change.
Newly-permanent host Ana Navarro even joked at one point: “We’ve lost Whoop!”
Fans hopped on social media to slam the moderator for often not paying attention during various segments, despite being paid to be on the show.
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