How To Become A Tesla Supercharger Host – Screen Rant

How To Become A Tesla Supercharger Host – Screen Rant

Anyone interested in increasing their business’ popularity can apply become a Tesla Supercharger host, provided they fulfill certain criteria.
Anyone interested in increasing their business' popularity and earnings can apply to become a Tesla Supercharger host. With electric vehicles beginning to dominate the automobile industry, applying to have a Supercharger installed on-site could be a wise business decision. Tesla is a big name in the EV segment, with its models topping the list of best-selling electric cars.
Currently, Tesla's Supercharger network comprises over 35,000 chargers spread across approximately 4,000 stations worldwide. Its network enjoys heavy patronage, mainly because users can experience DC fast charging. With fast charging, drivers on the go can add more miles of range in a short time. Although more people are opting to drive an electric car, there have been concerns about range and charging. Range anxiety is a reality that comes with EV ownership, and it's more evident for non-Tesla owners. Fortunately, Tesla has confirmed that it will allow non-Tesla EVs to use its Supercharger network.
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While the owners of non-Tesla EVs struggle with the limited public charging stations provided by companies like ChargePoint and EVgo, Tesla EVs users only need to find their nearest Supercharger and plug in. While charging at home is considerably inexpensive compared to public charging, the latter is essential for quick top-ups on the go. As part of efforts to widen its network of chargers, Tesla currently runs a Supercharger Host program. Businesses like hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores can register to have a Supercharger installed on their property. The best part is that Supercharger hosts don't need to advertise to attract customers. Tesla EVs can direct drivers to nearby Superchargers using inbuilt navigation. Also, it should be noted that any business that gets approval to host a Supercharger won't be charged anything for installation. Tesla will be accountable for installation and maintenance.
Hosting a Supercharger increases the visibility of a business and pretty much guarantees that the business will receive customers, whether repeat or new. Potential Supercharger hosts should know that Tesla selects businesses based on its current market expansion needs. Also, stores or hotels located on popular routes and destinations are more likely to be selected. Ideally, a Supercharger host should have eight or more parking slots available.
Additionally, potential hosts are expected to provide amenities like restrooms and Wi-Fi connectivity. On the online form, applicants have to supply personal details and also indicate what type of property they own. Available options include grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. There's also a section where applicants can specify which category they belong to, such as Developer, Property Manager, or Municipality. Upon submission, Tesla will review the application and contact those interested to share more details. Tesla makes the final selection based on market needs and the location of the business.
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