Europeans Turn To Hosting Due to High Cost of Living – –

Europeans Turn To Hosting Due to High Cost of Living – –

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Airbnb has said that citizens of Europe are turning to hosting as the cost of living continues to increase in the continent.
Airbnb revealed in one of its most recent press releases that over 40 per cent of European hosts share their homes with guests to help afford rising living, reports.
According to data provided by Airbnb, EU hosts who welcomed guests in the first half of 2022 earned more than €270 million. Since guests seek affordable travel options across the EU, it has been noted that hosts have turned to this side hustle as they do not have to wait long to generate an income for their home.
The number of Europeans turning to hosting has significantly increased over the last few years. Is it believed that this happened since, in 2021, the typical EU host earned more than €3,000, which represents an increase of 18 per cent compared to 2019 as well as is equivalent to two months’ additional pay for the average EU household.
“Hosting is an economic lifeline for many everyday Europeans that helps them afford rising inflation and living costs – but burdensome local rules mean many others are shut out from the opportunity,” Head of EU Policy at Airbnb, Georgina Browes, stated.
Figures from Airbnb show that EU hosts welcomed more guests than any other region in the world, and they have collectively earned over €43 billion by renting their homes to Airbnb. The same explains that most of the EU hosts have just one listing, and many of the properties are located outside of urban centres while helping to spread tourism benefits to local communities and families.
“Based on a survey of EU Hosts, nearly one in five said they or someone in their household work in either education or healthcare. More than half who self-report their gender are women, over a half are in full or part-time employment, and over a quarter are retirees,” the statement of Airbnb reads.
It has also been pointed out that the Commission of the European Union is currently drafting proposals for new harmonised rules in the EU, and Airbnb has put forward the vision of how to unlock the benefits of hosting for European while giving governments the tools to tackle over-tourism.
Previously, reported that monthly nights spent in the EU in the first half of 2022 exceeded the levels of 2019. Eurostat said that guests spent around 199 million nights in short-term rental accommodation via Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, or Expedia Groups in the EU.


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