Live’s Ryan Seacrest shocks fans as host looks unrecognizable in blonde wig & sleeveless ensemble for H… – The US Sun

Live’s Ryan Seacrest shocks fans as host looks unrecognizable in blonde wig & sleeveless ensemble for H… – The US Sun

RYAN Seacrest has shocked Live fans, debuting a drastically different new look featuring a blond wig and sleeveless outfit for Halloween.
The star was unrecognizable in a photo shared on Instagram with showed him sitting over a large salad.
Ahead of Halloween, Ryan, 53, and his co-host Kelly Ripa debuted their costumes online.
After dressing up as Billie Eilish and Harry Styles during Friday's episode of the show, Ryan took to Instagram to preview one look he'll rock during Live's Multiverse Halloween: The Best in the Universe.
He looked absolutely unrecognizable, rocking a blond in a half-up, half-down style with a sleeveless black ensemble on as he sat over a salad.
Ryan was wearing a costume inspired by HBO's House of the Dragon.
According to Billboard, Ryan and Kelly will also sport costumes based on Stranger Things, The Kardashians, and The Bachelorette.
While it's unclear what those costumes will look like, fans have been impressed with the glimpse they've gotten so far.
They flocked to the comments to guess who he was, with one writing: "Is that Lady Gaga?"
Another commented: "Oh my, Ryan. This photo actually scared me!"
A third commenter wrote: "The food looks good Ryan but…"
Someone else chimed in: "I have never said this before – but you scare me here Ryan."
A fifth commenter wondered: "And who are you supposed to be?"
Ryan's latest costume debut came after he suffered an embarrassing issue during a Halloween segment earlier this week.
Toward the end of Live on Tuesday, Ryan and Kelly were joined by lifestyle expert Dayna Isom Johnson to talk about all things Halloween decor.
Ryan started off the segment by letting fans know they’d be checking out some “spooky ideas for outdoor decor."
He and Kelly, along with their guest, stood behind a table covered with various holiday items.
Two window panes were set up in front of where the American Idol host stood, toward the end of the table.
As Dayna started to explain why she loves the Halloween window decals so much, the camera zoomed in on Ryan touching the decorations while holding onto the window.
Although the panels were held up on the table by three-legged stands, that didn’t seem to stop a problem from occurring.
As the trio tried to move on to the next decoration, Ryan accidentally knocked one of the windows off its stand.
As they were live on air, he tried to quickly get it situated and fixed, but the window continued falling over.
In an attempt to play it off, Ryan joked: “It’s windy. It’s very windy.”
Dayna tried to help him out, too, saying: “That’s right. It’s the ghosts. Just blame the ghosts.”
Eventually, Ryan gave up on fixing the window and put the item on the ground, telling everyone: “All right, we’ll just put it down here to be safe.”
Kelly jumped in to help get everything back on track, declaring: “Moving on!”
Ryan and Kelly have had a few mishaps during their holiday and cooking segments recently.
Last week, Kelly vowed revenge on her co-host after he accidentally sabotaged her.
The incident occurred while the duo was joined by a chef who was showing them to make a special type of pancakes.
The chef went over to one that was already done cooking and told the hosts to start adding their toppings, which included apple butter and whipped cream.
Once he found the spray can for the whipped topping, Ryan picked it up, shook it, and sprayed it into Kelly's mouth.
However, it didn't come out properly and got all over her.
After grabbing the container away from Ryan, Kelly said: "He doesn't know how whipped cream works."
Kelly then looked at him and said: "I will get my revenge. 
"I'm so patient that I will get my revenge later on. I am a very patient person."
Ryan joked that it was going to happen on December 22nd and told everyone to tune in.
Ryan had only just returned to the show, as he was out earlier this month after testing positive for Covid.
The 47-year-old had revealed to fans on Twitter: "I don't know how I avoided it for so long but unfortunately I tested positive for COVID-19 a few days ago and I'm currently in quarantine.
"While I'm feeling the usual symptoms, I hope to make a quick recovery. I'll be in bed watching TV this week so please let me know if you have any recommendations (especially for any foodie shows!)"
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