SNL Tries (Again) to Make Us Forget They Let Elon Musk Host – The Daily Beast

SNL Tries (Again) to Make Us Forget They Let Elon Musk Host – The Daily Beast

Yes, ‘Saturday Night Live’ ripped into their former host this week by mocking Elon Musk’ s $44 billion purchase of Twitter—courtesy of Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost.
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Prior to making his feature film debut in an ill-advised remake of the ‘90s classic White Men Can’t Jump, rapper Jack Harlow tested his comedy chops as host (and performer) of this week’s Saturday Night Live.
While the “First Class” rapper mostly flopped, and the cold open taking aim at a trio of GOP candidates landed with a thud, there were a few highlights from the night—including a mock Skechers PSA featuring execs boasting about how “edgy” their sneaker company is after showing outspoken anti-Semite Kanye West the door.
“This week, Elon Musk officially bought Twitter for forty-four billion dollars, beating out the next highest offer of zero dollars,” cracked Colin Jost, adding, “Musk sent an open letter to advertisers saying he doesn’t want Twitter to become a free-for-all hellscape—because that’s his plan for Mars.”
He continued: “I honestly don’t understand why people are so worried Elon is going to ruin Twitter, as if it’s this beloved American institution. It’s not like he bought Disney World…it’s like he bought the rest of Orlando.”
In case you’ve forgotten, SNL gave their platform over to Musk when they let him host in May of last year, despite the tech mogul’s status as a mock-edgelord and one of the internet’s least funny people. He turned in an embarrassing performance, of course, though like their previous host Trump, they’ve tried to make up for the misstep by mocking Musk at any available opportunity.


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