The View host Whoopi Goldberg shocks viewers with scandalous comment during discussion on ‘naughty videos’… – The US Sun

The View host Whoopi Goldberg shocks viewers with scandalous comment during discussion on ‘naughty videos’… – The US Sun

THE View host Whoopi Goldberg has shocked fans with an NSFW comment during a recent discussion on the show.
The 66-year-old actress has called out one of her least favorite aspects of pornographic videos.
During an episode of The View last week, the hosts had Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Banks as guests to discuss their new movie, Call Jane.
Along with chatting about the film, the hosts and the actresses also found themselves discussing a wide range of topics, as well as going off on tangents.
One such tangent led to the topic of pornographic films and their place in society.
They were discussing the topics of sex and tearing down stigmas, with Elizabeth saying: “We need to teach young people. 
“Give them as much information as possible, so that they’re empowered to make positive decisions about their relationships going forward.”
That’s when Whoopi jumped in to add: “And to recognize sex acting in porn as not being real.”
Getting heated on the topic, the moderator shocked viewers as she continued: “That’s not how it really goes! Nobody can take that much pounding!”
The audience clapped and laughed in response, as did most everyone sitting with Whoopi at the hosting panel.
Fans at home took to social media to share their surprise, with one just writing: “Whoopi!,” along with crying-laughing emojis.
Another used an “I’m dead” gif while quoting Whoopi’s NSFW comment.
Others shared more laughter emojis and “lol” reactions.
While NSFW conversations and comments happen on The View once in a while, they don’t usually include Whoopi.
During an episode of the talk show earlier this month, host Ana Navarro made a raunchy reveal about her husband.
The View panelists were discussing a woman who accidentally sent her boyfriend a list she'd made of pros and cons about him.
Ana, 50, was then asked to name one "pro" about her own husband.
Joy Behar asked her: "What's Al's biggest pro?"
Ana didn't hesitate as she revealed: "He always wants to have sex."
The new host then joked a second later: "His biggest con? He always wants to have sex."
Ana married Cuban-born lawyer Al Cárdenas in March 2019 in a lavish and star-studded wedding in Miami Beach.
A few weeks before this NSFW comment, the TV personality had joked she was scared about her "porn pics" being revealed on her phone during the live show.
Ana wrestled her phone away from guest Jamie Lee Curtis in an awkward moment.
The Halloween Ends star was using the device to help make a point about society, saying as she picked up the phone, "And it's through these portals, sorry, that are also-"
"Oh Lord," Ana teased as she grabbed her phone back. "I don't want my porn pics to be on television."
In another recent episode, Ana talked about the "healing" power of "makeup sex".
Meanwhile, Joy, too, often brings up NSFW topics.
Recently, the comedian jokingly claimed she's had sex with ghosts during a spooky segment on The View.
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