The View’s Joy Behar slammed by co-stars for host-from-hell behavior after they stay over her home… – The US Sun

The View’s Joy Behar slammed by co-stars for host-from-hell behavior after they stay over her home… – The US Sun

THE View’s Joy Behar has been slammed by her co-stars for having terrible hosting etiquette when having friends over at her home.
The show’s co-hosts have shared horror stories with viewers about times when they’ve stayed over at Joy’s house.
While fans get to see Joy’s on-air hosting skills on The View daily, guest Sherri Shepherd dished on what the 80-year-old’s at-home hosting skills are like.
The topic came up during Friday's show after host Ana Navarro asked the guest about attending one of Joy’s play readings at her house over the summer.
Not only did the former View host attend Joy’s event, but she also ended up staying at her home, as well.
“I was gonna be at a fancy hotel, but Joy said, ‘No, no, no, come stay with me.’
“You don’t say no to Joy. And I was staying at Joy’s house, and I get up, and first of all, Joy keeps– it’s cold as Antarctica at Joy’s house.”
Joy butts in to explain: “It’s healthier!”
Sherri sarcastically asks back: “Oh, is that what it is, Joy? Oh, I didn’t know it was that.”
The guest then continued her story, sharing: “I’m in bed, and I’m in her grandson’s room, and I’m like, ‘IT’S SO COLD.’”
Joy admitted that even all the kids thought it was “too cold,” giving a cheeky smile as she confessed that to Sherri.
“I’m freezing,” Sherri added of her time at her former co-host’s house. 
Dishing more on the View star’s poor hostess skills, she said: “And here’s Joy, when you’re a guest at her house, she goes, ‘Hi, here’s your bedroom, we’re going to bed.’ 
“And she just leaves you. So I am starving, I go downstairs because I’m hungry. Joy didn’t feed– she don’t feed her guest.”
“Lies! Lies,” Joy insisted.
Sherri shared that her friend likes to have a lot of “conversation,” and they “talked for hours,” but isn’t the best when it comes to feeding her guests and making them warm and comfortable.
Hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana then piled on, teasing Joy for often just leaving in the middle of conversations when they’re at her house, saying she’s going to bed, out of nowhere.
After having heard enough about her bad hostessing skills and about the lack of food in her home, Joy insisted: “That’s not true!”
She continued: “You were there all day, all weekend. There was so much catered food all afternoon.”
“But that wasn’t at night! That wasn’t at one in the morning,” Sherri told her.
Joy has been a host on The View since it first launched in 1997, save for a few years in the middle of her run.
Sherri, meanwhile, was a co-host on the talk show from 2007 to 2014.
She then filled in as the host of The Wendy Williams Show, which came to an end earlier this year, and Sherri now leads her own, self-titled program.
Ahead of the talk show's premiere last month, Sherri opened up about some of the wise words she was given from some of her former cohosts, including Joy.
Sherri revealed: “Joy Behar said to me, 'The moment you open up your mouth, half the world is going to hate you.'"
As for The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg, she told the new solo talk show host: “It’s never about you, it’s always for someone else. 
“So, take it off of you and know that you’re taking people on a journey.”
Aside from their on-air reunion on Friday, Sherri had also joined The View as a guest a few months ago.
The hosts filmed from the Bahamas for a week in celebration of the show's 25th anniversary, and Sherri joined for some of the fun.
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