Today’s Al Roker fires back after co-host Craig Melvin throws major shade in jaw-dropping exchange live on… – The US Sun

Today’s Al Roker fires back after co-host Craig Melvin throws major shade in jaw-dropping exchange live on… – The US Sun

THE TODAY show host Al Roker has clapped back at his co-host Craig Melvin in a tense live exchange.
On Tuesday's show, NBC News Senior Consumer Investigative Correspondent Vicki Nguyen stopped by the studio to talk Halloween safety tips.
Al, Craig, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer all joined in on the segment.
Vicky talked about carving pumpkins, accompanying kids to trick-or-treating, keeping windows secure, and more.
She talked about safety when it comes to food allergies, and told Al that they have pumpkin baskets that light up to distinguish an allergy.
"Wow," Al said. "In my day, it was basically a shopping bag or a pillow case."
Craig then playfully dissed his co-host by saying: "They had Halloween back then?"
Al said: "They did. They did. I was there when they were actually burning witches at the stake."
Craig burst out laughing and Dylan and Sheinelle both playfully hit Al on the arm.
Al laughed as Vicky continued to talk.
"That was a joke, OK?" he said to the camera. "It was a joke."
Craig wiped tears away from his eyes as the hosts all cracked up.
The diss could be Craig's way of getting back at Al for a blunder last month.
The co-hosts talked about their Summer highlights when Craig went "out of order."
Al, Craig, Sheinelle, and Dylan all sat behind the hosts' desk.
The TODAY Show presenters all ate pizza and laughed as Sheinelle started off the segment.
"So, here's the thing, we all wanted to share the highlights of our summer because it's the end of the summer," she said.
"We've talked about this before. Sometimes you have pictures on your phone and you say: 'Oh, I'm going to print them out or put them in a book,' and you don't do anything with them, but let's talk about the highlights or maybe one highlight."
"Why don't we start with you?" Craig interrupted.
Sheinelle responded: "No, the prompter says Dylan."
Al spoke up and said: "No, no. We've got our graphics kind of lined up."
"Oh, I'm sorry," Craig said, holding onto a mug.
Al dissed his co-anchor by saying with a serious face: "Have you just started this show?"
"No. I just thought it would be whimsical," Craig said with a shrug.
The roasts just seem to keep coming.
Earlier this month, Al and Hoda Kotb teased Craig after he made an awkward comment during the live broadcast.
Craig had to sit back and take it after his colleagues decided to mock him over an opinion he shared during a segment on the death of GIFs.
The trio, along with Savannah Guthrie and Jacob Soboroff, sat around the anchor desk to discuss whether or not GIFs are “cringe” now.
They all had competing thoughts, some sharing sadness that the age of sending the little animations might be coming to an end, while others were OK as they realized that things always come and go.
The argument also included the hosts going back and forth over how to correctly pronounce the term.
Toward the end, what all the anchors could agree on was mocking Craig over a comment he made about what’s next after GIFs.
Craig told his co-hosts: “They are replacing the GIF with these little videos, these quick videos that have sound.”
Jacob quickly quipped back, “They are movies, Craig, they’re movies,” and everyone at the table started cracking up.
“Well, yeah, but only five seconds,” Craig insisted.
“Motion pictures,” Jacob teased back, with the others around them continuing to laugh.
Hoda jumped in on the bit of mockery, cracking up while saying slowly: “Motion pictures with sound. Ahhh, now we’re [getting somewhere].”
Al then shouted sarcastically, as if they had transported back to the early days of movies: “Have you heard of those things called talkies?”
“Oh, all right,” Hoda said, trying to calm it all down a little.
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