Who is Jerrod Carmichael? Meet the comedian hosting the 2023 Golden Globes – New York Post

Who is Jerrod Carmichael? Meet the comedian hosting the 2023 Golden Globes – New York Post

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The Golden Globes stage will welcome funnyman Jerrod Carmichael when he hosts the 80th annual awards show.
The 35-year-old entertainer will be cracking jokes as he gathers the best and most talented stars across film, television and music.
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization behind the Globes, announced the comedian’s hosting duties in December.
“His comedic talents have entertained and thrilled audiences while providing thought-provoking moments that are so important in the times we live,” HFPA president Helen Hoehne said in a statement.
She continued: “Jerrod is the special kind of talent this show calls for to kick off the awards season.”
Carmichael, whose first name is actually Rothaniel, was just 21 when he decided to jet off to Hollywood from North Carolina to begin his comedy career.
And while he doesn’t care if he’ll star in a stand-up special, a film or a TV show, he always wants his work to entertain his audience.
“It’s too much make-a-wish in art,” he told Rolling Stone in a profile last year. “F–k that. I don’t care about your dreams. F–k your dreams. F–k my dreams. Is it good? Is it funny? That’s the only thing that matters. I don’t expect to be anywhere because I’m gay or because I’m black. Don’t give me that s–t. That’s why I think I worked so hard. That’s why I was in the closet.”
His determination and passion for his career persisted, and he was offered the role of Winston on the Fox sitcom “New Girl” in 2011 before hitting it big in the 2014 comedy “Neighbors.”
Carmichael stated: “I came into the industry knowing what I wanted. I wrote down in notebooks, ‘Three HBO specials and a show on NBC.’ That’s not me being a d–k or an a–hole. That’s protecting a vision.”
He has since released three stand-up comedy specials on HBO: “Love at the Store” (2014), “8” (2017) and “Rothaniel” (2022) and starred in his own NBC series, “The Carmichael Show.”
Keep reading to learn more about Carmichael ahead of the Golden Globe Awards.
Projects that he has appeared in include “Neighbors,” “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” “Mid 90s,” “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “The Disaster Artist.”
The actor starred in his eponymous sitcom on NBC from 2015 until 2017, “The Carmichael Show.”
The series centered around a fictionalized version of Carmichael and his family as they encounter social issues in Charlotte, North Carolina.
He also appeared in TV series such as “Rel” and “The Chris Gethard Show.”
While it’s unknown if Carmichael has ever been married, he came out as a member of the LGBTQ community in his 2022 HBO special “Rothaniel.” He also identifies as bisexual. He explained to viewers that he had “a secret,” then noting: “And the secret is that I’m gay.”
“I’m accepting the love, I really appreciate the love. My ego wants to rebel against it,” he said during the show. “I rebelled against it my whole life. I never thought I’d come out. I didn’t think I’d ever, ever, ever come out. Probably at many points I thought I’d rather die than confront the truth of that, to actually say it to people.”
He added at the time: “Because I know it changes people’s — some people — it changes their perception of me. I can’t control that.”
After the release of “Rothaniel,” Carmichael slammed fellow comedian Dave Chappelle for his comments about trans people and cancel culture.
Talking with GQ last June, Carmichael explained: “Chappelle, do you know what comes up when you Google your name, bro? That’s the legacy? Your legacy is a bunch of opinions on trans s–t? It’s an odd hill to die on.”
“I think, a lot of times, people who offer nothing truthful or meaningful about themselves then complain about society at large and create this boogeyman,” Carmichael added about people trying to cancel Chappelle. “It’s like, listen, that’s the most urgent thing in your life? God bless you. I’m tired of hearing it.”
He went on, “Look, I get it. Everybody’s got to create a boogeyman to sell tickets. But it’s not true. Who’s getting canceled for what they’ve said? What does that mean, that people are mad on Twitter? Everybody’s fine. These grown men are fine.”
He hosted the April 2, 2022, episode of “Saturday Night Live” alongside musical guest Gunna during Season 47. Carmichael was even nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his appearance at the Primetime Emmy Awards last year.
In his monologue, he joked about the infamous Oscars slap, where presenter Chris Rock was smacked by Will Smith during the broadcast.
“I’m not gonna talk about it,” Carmichael said during his speech. “I kept talking about it, you can’t make me talk about it. Do you want to talk about it? Aren’t you sick of talking about it?”
“Doesn’t it feel like it happened years ago?” he asked about the incident, which occurred March 27. “Doesn’t it feel like it happened when we were all in high school? It feels like it happened somewhere between Jamiroquai and 9/11. It feels like we’ve been living in the wake of it our whole lives.”
His net worth for 2022 was reported to be $5 million.
Carmichael was born April 6, 1987.
The comedian hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and was born to a mom who was a secretary and a father who drove trucks.
The Golden Globes air Jan. 10, at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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