NY Sports Talk Radio Host Says Threat To Fire Producer Of Another Show Was Just ‘Performative’ – Mediaite

NY Sports Talk Radio Host Says Threat To Fire Producer Of Another Show Was Just ‘Performative’ – Mediaite

ESPN Radio New York host Michael Kay claims his threat to a producer on the station’s morning show was just theatrics.
Kay went on a tirade Friday afternoon after his show, The Michael Kay Show, played audio of Ray Santiago bashing Kay’s show about ratings. Santiago is the producer for ESPN New York’s morning show DiPietro & Rothenberg. Kay threatened Santiago’s job as he held his phone in his hand and looked straight into the camera.
“Do you realize, Ray, that all I’d have to do is make one phone call, and you would be on the unemployment line,” Kay said. “One phone call, which I’m considering making, and you will be fired!”
After the story began to circulate Monday, Mediaite reported the outburst on Friday, Kay took to his afternoon-drive show on Tuesday to blast the media who reported his comments. The Michael Kay Show co-host Peter Rosenberg began the segment, discussing the viral story.
“People don’t realize, you know, the kind of checkers you’d be playing if what you said on the air was actually real?” Rosenberg said.
“I’d be a moron,” Kay answered.
Rosenberg, who has worked around professional wrestling since 2009, brought up examples of journalists who cover it and think that the wrestlers are as they appear on television and not playing a part.
“It’s sorta like the people who cover wrestling,” Rosenberg continued. “A lot of the quote journalists who cover wrestling. They know that it’s performance, but then a wrestler will lose a match, and they’ll start speculating on how upset the wrestler is.”
Don La Greca, who is the third co-host of The Michael Kay Show, compared the believers to daytime soap opera viewers.
“Anybody believe this story, that Michael did that on the air was real, are the same people that beat soap opera stars with handbags outside the studio thinking they’re the actual character they play,” La Greca added.
Kay admitted the tirade was for show and wouldn’t try to get Santiago fired.
“I’m not going to sit here and lie, was I upset about the comment? Yup, but it was performative because I’m such a good performer on the air, but if people want to run with it… well, okay, whatever,” Kay said.
As it was written on Friday, The Michael Kay Show heavily trails WFAN’s afternoon-drive show Carton & Roberts in the ratings. In the second month of the fall ratings, The Michael Kay Show posted a 2.8, whereas Carton & Roberts posted an 8.3.
Kay tried his best to get his ratings up, but he decided to use a producer on another show with who he shares a station as a prop to jolt ratings.
Watch above via YES Network.
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