Ryan Seacrest halts segment to angrily get in Live guest co-host’s face and call her out during tense m… – The US Sun

Ryan Seacrest halts segment to angrily get in Live guest co-host’s face and call her out during tense m… – The US Sun

RYAN Seacrest abruptly halted a yoga tutorial on LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan to call out his guest co-host during a tense moment.
On Thursday, Ryan, 48, got up from his mat to dramatically confront Deja Vu, who is also LIVE!'s daily announcer, about "judging" people.
The tense interaction was particularly noticeable because the former American Idol host stopped and got up to address Deja Vu directly.
His outburst came during The Best in Me 2023 segment where he demonstrated "yoga poses for a healthy start to the new year."
At one point the 48-year-old was struggling to do a yoga squat while keeping his balance.
During his attempt to stay centered, Ryan asked the instructor: "We can't be intimidated if we're not flexible right?"
In response, the instructor said: "People are like 'I don't do Yoga 'cause I'm not flexible.' You do yoga to get flexible."
Likewise, the other yoga teacher beside them remarked: "No judgment Ryan, don't judge yourself."
That's when the radio personality hopped up from his squat, turned, turned around, and leaned into Deja Vu's face, who had been standing behind them.
"You hear that? No judging!" Ryan told her.
The two instructors then laughed off their awkward exchange as Deja Vu protested that she wasn't being judgmental.
She then cracked a joke, noting: "Listen, I sit at the seat of judgment!"
Deja Vu occasionally fills in for Kelly Ripa, 52, as Ryan's co-host.
Much like today, her appearance as a guest co-host in August was awkward due to a wardrobe malfunction.
In that show, the DJ donned a summery hot pink knee-length dress and long dangly gold earrings.
Ryan guided her to Kelly's seat at the table, where she shared her enthusiasm about the morning gig.
Just as Ryan was gushing over working alongside Deja, one of her earrings suddenly fell out of her ear.
Deja immediately noticed the earring fall onto the floor as she attempted to catch it in her hand.
"Wooh, just lost my earring, okay," she commented.
Ryan didn't seem to notice the loss as he boasted about their shared interest in the radio world.
Deja handled the mishap in stride, removing the other earring and placing it on the desk.
After the break, she returned wearing both pieces of jewelry.
Later in the show, Deja had trouble recovering from a major blunder on air as Ryan poked fun at his guest co-host.
He asked the radio personality what relaxation methods she uses to prepare for a show, admitting he often clears his throat.
The talk show host's confession prompted Deja to reference an article she found on the topic.
The article stated that humming or singing are proven techniques that relax the "vagus nerve," but she mispronounced the word "vagus" to sound like a female body part.
"I'm not sure if I have the vagus nerve," Ryan dramatically replied, purposely pronouncing the word the way Deja did. "If there's a doctor in the house, please!"
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