GMA’s Lara Spencer scares Robin Roberts as injured host ‘almost falls out of chair’ on live TV… – The US Sun

GMA’s Lara Spencer scares Robin Roberts as injured host ‘almost falls out of chair’ on live TV… – The US Sun

LARA Spencer has scared her Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts after almost falling out of her chair during a live broadcast this week.
The 53-year-old has already recently injured herself and undergone an operation, which has left her to now recover while wearing a boot on her right foot.
During Wednesday’s episode of GMA, Lara had Robin worried that the injured host was going to hurt herself even further.
The moment seemed to take place during a commercial break, but Robin called her colleague out on it as soon as they returned to broadcasting live on air.
The pair were sitting in director-style chairs, high off the ground, alongside fellow hosts Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos.
As soon as the hosts were back on air, a concerned Robin pointed at Lara and said: “OK, she almost fell out of her chair!”
The injured TV personality tried to explain what happened, saying: “The boot is heavy! 
“I tried to lean forward to get my scripts and, well, I don’t want to say what almost happened.”
Hearing about it only made Robin worried all over again, as the star could be seen putting her hands up in the prayer position while listening to Lara.
The following day, Lara almost fell again as she slipped a bit while scootering around the GMA set on Thursday.
She showed off how she’s been getting around in a behind-the-scenes video, and it wasn't without issues.
On her Instagram Stories, Lara posted a clip of herself speeding around the GMA set on her knee scooter.
She had her booted foot lifted up as she kneeled on the seat, and her heel-wearing other foot pushing off on the ground.
“Coming through,” she shouted to everyone, as she almost slipped off her seat.
Fans have been concerned for the morning show ever since she first revealed her injury earlier this month.
At the start of the new year, the ABC anchor revealed to fans that she got a foot operation because she had a torn plantar plate and ligament that had been getting worse over time.
Lara actually made a joke while announcing her injury and about wearing a boot soon to GMA, stating: "Rollin into 2023 like… I’m not exactly sure but it should be interesting at work.”
Fans became even more worried upon seeing the star wearing heels, though small, for the show this week.
The host had a boot on her injured foot but a short, heeled sandal on the other.
One concerned fan begged to know why she would wear any heeled footwear at all right now.
The social media user demanded: “Please tell me @LaraSpencer is not walking on that heel? 
“It’s just to look pretty on camera in her boot right????”
Another noted that they’re worried about her having to wear “an ankle boot for the next several weeks.”
Earlier this week, the 53-year-old started sharing the process of restoring her health and updated fans on her progress via social media.
Lara posted about doing physical therapy, with a snap of her laying down and balancing her legs on what appeared to be a large medicine ball.
Her next post was a video clip of her doing leg exercises with the instruction of what seemed to be her physical therapist.
The mother-of-two's medical boot was still on her foot and was captured in each post.
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