The View guest ‘cracks up’ at host Alyssa Farah Griffin’s serious question in shady show moment… – The US Sun

The View guest ‘cracks up’ at host Alyssa Farah Griffin’s serious question in shady show moment… – The US Sun

THE View guest, Leslie Jones, has cracked up at host Alyssa's Farah Griffin's serious question on Monday's show.
The host asked the comedian about her character in an upcoming role and Leslie did not take it seriously.
During a pre-recorded show, due to Martin Luther King Jr Day, The View hosts welcomed Leslie to the show.
The SNL alum started off her interview with jokes, which is typical for her.
She did turn serious, however, when she talked about Black women being the backbone of America.
Alyssa tried to keep the moment serious when she asked a question about one of Leslie's roles.
"Your voice is so powerful," the host said.
"And speaking of bada** women, you're in a show called Our Flag Means Death."
"Yass," the 55-year-old interrupted.
Alyssa continued: "-where you played a character called Spanish Jackie, who's had 19 husbands."
"Well, 20 baby," Leslie let her know.
"Oh, 20!" Alyssa said.
"One of them was taken from me," the comedian said.
"Now, how did you prepare for this role?" the 33-year-old host asked.
"How did I prepare for this role?" Leslie asked, as she made a disgusted looking face.
The moment was not serious anymore as Alyssa and the other co-hosts cracked up.
Leslie then pointed to Alyssa and cracked up at her question.
"Go on and tell her!" Whoopi Goldberg said. "Go on and tell her!"
Leslie leaned over the table and laughed, but then turned back to Alyssa, and said: "Girl, I'm 55! You know how many pirates I've actually had?"
The comedian sipped her tea and raised her eyebrows, as the View hosts could not contain their laughter.
"I feel like that is your life you're living on that show," Whoopi chimed in.
"Girl, all of our lives," Leslie said back.
Leslie's earring then fell off and she said, "You know it's serious when a Black girl loses an earring."
After everyone composed themselves, Sara Haines asked if she could ask a question and the conversation went on.
One fan couldn't believe the interaction between the women and tweeted: "Dang, Leslie cracked on AFG….. #TheView."
Leslie also revealed a few other things while on the show on Monday and shocked fans.
She discussed her new role as guest host of The Daily Show following Trevor Noah's departure.
"You are fabulous, and you have an amazing gig this week," Whoopi told Leslie.
"You are the first guest host kicking things off after Trevor Noah's departure," she continued.
"You know they had to come out big, baby," Leslie said of her upcoming role.
Whoopi asked if the new gig was something Leslie would be open to doing every day, but Leslie stated that as a "joyful" person, talking politics every day would "bring her down."
She explained: "With just what we're going through in this nation, I have enough politics in my life to have to talk about it every day."
"And I'm not gonna be nice. I'm not gonna be nice," she said of her upcoming hosting duties.
"Black women run stuff, and sometimes people do listen to us when we come out and are just like 'Yeah, like, it's time for you to stop acting this way, let's behave now, and act like we got some sense," Leslie concluded.
"And I ain't scared…to tap that a**," she said, clapping her hands together for emphasis. "Ain't that right, Mama?"
Leslie's passionate speech about her feelings on her role as The Daily Show's guest host had fans rooting for her all over social media.
They repeated the same phrase she spouted and heaped effusive praise on the comedian.
"@Lesdoggg said “I ain’t scared to tap that a**," one fan wrote. "I love her! #theview"
"I ain’t scared to…. Tap that a**!” repeated another. "come on Leslie !!! @Lesdoggg come on chile & tell it!!!"
Another wrote simply "I love Leslie Jones!!!"
Although Leslie's character had 20 husbands, Alyssa is happy with just one.
However, during a show earlier this year, she admitted that her husband, Justin, has a crush on her co-host Sara.
Sara, 45, raised eyebrows after she was spotted appearing to flirt with Alyssa's husband Justin on Instagram.
During the final segment of the show, Sara promoted the television quiz show, The Chase.
She announced that the game show, which she hosts, will be "back tonight with the season premiere."
The morning talk show moderator continued to sell viewers on the show, stating: "It's something you can watch with your family. It's an awesome, kind of, heart-racing show."
With Sara's pitch complete, Whoopi attempted to close out the episode but not before Alyssa provided her own review of the trivia show.
The former political strategist revealed: "I love The Chase. My husband and I started watching The Chase and now he has a crush on Sara Haines."
She then quipped: "Which was a mistake on my part."
Sara emphatically replied: "Which I Instagram commented on him!"
Alyssa disclosed to her co-hosts: "And now the internet thinks they're leaving me."
Joy joked: "Oh now this show's getting interesting," much to the delight of The View's audience.
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