The View fans think guest co-host is ‘auditioning’ to take longtime cast member’s spot at the table… – The US Sun

The View fans think guest co-host is ‘auditioning’ to take longtime cast member’s spot at the table… – The US Sun

THE VIEW fans have begun theorizing that guest host Rachel Lindsay could be auditioning to replace a longtime cast member.
Rachel, a former Bachelorette, returned for another round of hosting The View as moderator Whoopi Goldberg remained absent.
As Thursday's episode concluded, host Joy Behar took a beat to mention that Rachel would return on Friday as well.
"You'll be back tomorrow, and that's great, so have a great day, everyone," Joy told Rachel before closing the show.
Rachel's recurring appearance on the series has had fans wondering whether the host could be secretly trying out for a more permanent role.
Viewers believe she could either be replacing Whoopi, who has been absent from the show recently, or potentially Sunny Hostin.
One fan took to Twitter to poll other viewers: "Is THE VIEW auditioning THE BACHELORETTE Rachel Lindsay to replace WHOOPI? What do you think?"
Another viewer guessed Rachel could replace Sunny: "Please tell me @Sunny’s absence is temporary & Rachel Lindsay is NOT auditioning for her seat at the table!"
Another fan commented that Rachel's presence may actually get them to watch: "Having Rachel Lindsay on the View could be the only reason I tune in for more than 3 seconds"
Meanwhile, The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin shocked fans when she discussed a family member's struggles with addiction.
Midway through Thursday's episode, Alyssa made a "hard pivot" and began discussing sister Alana's 10-year anniversary of being "free from addiction."
The View's panel in-house audience broke out into thunderous applause when Alyssa made the announcement.
She continued: "For any families that are dealing with this; you can get help and never give up."
She added: "You're going to fall back, you're going to have trials but push through because I am so grateful and so proud to have her back."
Before cutting to a commercial break, fellow talk show host Joy Behar, 80, stated: "Congratulations to Alana."
The segment was posted on the show's Twitter account where viewers could show support for the 33-year-old's sister.
Surprisingly the first comment came from Alana herself, who commented: "Aaww! Love you Sissy."
Another fan wrote: "Alana, I’m so happy & proud of you."
Joy Behar was chewed out by fans for calling A-list guest Kristin Chenoweth a "rude" nickname live on air.
The View's hosts took the time out on Thursday to interview actress and broadway star Kristin Chenoweth.
Kristin is rather short and petite, standing at just 4-foot-1, which makes her quite small compared to the rest of the cast.
It seems Joy had this in mind when chatting with the guest.
First, Joy made a comment early on during Kristin's appearance on the show that the staff could have "raised the seat a little" for her.
The hosts chatted with Kristin about a variety of topics before going to close the segment with a big question.
"We hear you're working on a new Broadway show," one host eventually said to Kristin. "Can you tell us anything about that?"
Kristin took a beat before replying: "It's gonna be good."
Then, Joy commented: "Well, we love having you. You're a little girl with a big voice and a big heart."
While an innocuous comment that encapsulated Kristin's small frame and body with an incredible voice, some fans took offense at her remark.
One fan blasted Joy for the remark: "Little girl? 😒 No Joy she’s a grown woman. I didn’t care for that remark from Joy. #Theview"
Another pointed out it was likely due to Kristin's voice: "Joy calling Kristen a lil' girl! It's probably the voice! #theview"
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